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ToolkitEvery organization needs a strategy. Be it an established business, an emerging entrepreneurial venture, or a non-profit organization, a strategy sets the direction of the enterprise, informs priorities and the allocation of scarce resources, and helps guide the myriad decisions that an organization makes every day.

The purpose of this book is to provide a framework and a set of tools to aid those who wish to analyze the strategy of an organization, be it their own and or another organization they are interested in. Please click on the icon to the left to see a sampling from the book. After reading this book, one will have the basic tools necessary to be an effective strategic analyst, or strategist, an individual skilled in the art of assessing an organization’s strategy. Strategic analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing the competitive context in which an organization operates. An effective strategist makes reasoned and reasonable recommendations for how an organization should position itself relative to its peers and for assessing what actions the organization should take to maximize value creation for its various stakeholders.

The Strategist’s Toolkit is a collection of tools and frameworks to help you perform a strategic analysis of a firm. The first chapter provides an overview of conducting a strategic analysis. The remainder of the toolkit is organized into three parts.

  1. Part 1 presents a collection of tools that help with the analysis of the external competitive environment, the opportunities portion of the strategist’s challenge.
  2. Part 2 presents a collection of tools that help with the analysis of competitive position highlighting both the capabilities portion of the strategist’s challenge and the integration across values, opportunities, and capabilities.
  3. Part 3 presents a collection of tools that aid in the analysis of specific strategic decisions and provide guidance on how to assess whether a potential action will improve an organization’s creation of value.

We conclude with Chapter 15, “Strategic Analysis in Practice”, where we present a step by step process by which to conduct a strategic analysis utilizing the various tools in the toolkit. A glossary of terms frequently encountered in strategy discussions and a table of common strategy analytics are included at the end of the book.

If you would like to learn more, the book is available on Amazon

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