“Strategy Beyond Markets” Published

Emerald Publishing has published my new edited volume, “Strategy Beyond Markets”, with co-authors John M. De Figueiredo of Duke, Felix Oberholzer-Gee of Harvard, and Richard G. Vanden Bergh of Vermont. This is 34th title in their Advances in Strategic Management Series.

The quote the introduction, “Traditional strategy scholarship is fundamentally about understanding the choices firms make in markets to create and capture long run value. Scholars in this space study the actions and choices of firms by focusing on firm interactions with or responses to key market rivals and/or market-based stakeholders such as upstream suppliers, downstream distributors, and key employees. Strategy Beyond Markets research is also interested in how the actions of firms affect long run value. However, the scholars in the Strategy Beyond Markets field focus their attention on choices emanating from firm interactions with or responses to entities beyond their primary market stakeholders such as government regulators, community organizations, unions, advocacy groups, and policy makers. These Beyond Market stakeholders are numerous and each have own wants, demands or requirements of firms.”

The volume features leading non-market strategy scholars such as David Baron from Stanford, Dan Diermeier at Chicago, and Tom Lyon at Michigan.

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